Retrofit Roller Lifters, Autocross Decals, and Body Panel Fasteners: Summit Racing

High Rollers

The Summit Racing Equipment brand skunkworks has come up with roller lifters to retrofit roller cams in flat-tappet cam engines, identification decals for your autocrosser, and a big assortment of body panel fasteners to replace the ones you either broke or are going to break.

Summit Racing Retrofit Roller Lifters

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If you want to run a roller cam in an engine not originally designed to use one, you’ll need a set of retrofit roller lifters. The Summit Racing Link Bar Hydraulic Roller Lifters are drop-in retrofit lifters available for Chevy, small block Ford, small block Mopar, and Pontiac engines. Summit Racing Mechanical Lifters for small block Chevy are designed for solid roller cams with lobe lift of .400 inch or less.

Summit Racing Personalized Autocross Decals

Summit Racing

Summit Racing Personalized Autocross Decals are the no-hassle way to letter or number your car for autocross day. You can choose up to three numbers and three letters in black with a black border or blue with your choice of a blue or red border.

The vinyl decals are easy to apply for competition and just as easy to remove for the street.

Body Fastener Assortment

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The OEMs love, love, love those plastic push-in fasteners to attach air dams, under-car pans, and other body panels to their vehicles. They’re cheap and make assembly in the factory a lot easier and faster. But if you need to remove a body panel, those fasteners are all but guaranteed to break or snap off.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have this Summit Racing Body Fastener Assortment on hand. It has three trays that hold 16 of the most commonly-used fasteners—a total of 625 pieces—plus an identification sheet and a removal tool. The trays stack together for easy storage.


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