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Sid Waterman caught the racing bug in the 1960s. He ran Top Fuel dragsters and built engines for folks like Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney, and Bob Glidden. He began building top-quality fuel pumps in 1979 and never looked back. Waterman Racing Components pumps can be found on drag cars, World of Outlaws sprint cars, NASCAR stock cars, and many others, including every winning Indianapolis 500 race car for the last thirty years.

Waterman Racing mechanical fuel pumps feature a forged aluminum housing, a steel or aluminum center section, a standard 3/8 inch machined steel hex drive shaft, and precision-lapped gears for reliable fuel delivery.

Summit Racing carries these Waterman Racing fuel pumps:

LIL’ Bertha Mechanical Fuel Pumps

waterman racing pump
The LIL’ Bertha Standard fuel pump is the go-to pump for blown alcohol drag engines, and is also popular with very high-horsepower turbo cars running on methanol. Available in flow rates from 15.58 to 39.65 gallons per minute (GPM), the belt-driven pump is available in standard or reverse rotation with a four-bolt, three-bolt swivel collar, or V-band mounting flange.

The Nostalgia LIL’ Bertha fuel pump was designed for NHRA’s Hot Rod Heritage series for nostalgia-style fuel dragsters and Funny Cars. The Nostalgia LIL’ Bertha is more compact than the LIL’ Bertha Standard pump, making it ideal for doorslammer-type cars. It is available in flow rates from 15.58 to 25.87 GPM and has all of the other features of the LIL’ Bertha Standard pump.

Standard Sprint Mechanical Fuel Pumps

waterman racing pump
The Waterman Racing Components Sprint Car Fuel Pump has long been the choice of World of Outlaws Sprint Car racers, and is very popular in Late Model competition. The pump flows 25% to 35% more fuel volume than similar pumps to keep up with the airflow rates of modern cylinder heads. The Standard Sprint fuel pump is available in flow rates from 1.65 to 8.77 GPM in standard or reverse rotation. It has a swivel-style flange, but mounts are sold separately.

Ultra-Lite Sprint Mechanical Fuel Pumps

The Waterman Ultra-Lite Sprint Fuel Pump is engineered to withstand the punishment of competitive Sprint Car and Midget racing, and is also a popular choice for high-horsepower import drag race cars. It has the same internal components as the Standard Sprint pump, but Waterman gave the Ultra-Lite rifle-bored shafts and intricately scalloped the front cover, pump body, and swivel flange. That makes the pump much lighter—and weight is always a big deal on a race car. The Ultra-Lite Sprint fuel pump is available in flow rates from 3.29 to 7.64 GPM in standard or reverse rotation.

Summit Racing also carries fuel pump brackets, belt drives, flange fittings, shutoff valves, and other components.


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