DiabloSport: 2020+ Hellcat, Trackhawk Support Now Available

Putting the Hell in Hellcat

Whether you prefer your Hellcat in Charger or Challenger flavor, or as a nasty AWD SUV, DiabloSport has options to fit your needs. Like most other factory calibrations, the Hellcat models leave plenty of power on the table.

Start with one of their tuners and PCM options (swap or purchase a new spare). From there you can load one of DiabloSport’s performance tunes for immediate gains. In addition to increased power output, you’ll also benefit from revised TCM programming. Enhanced throttle response, and less intrusion of torque management are further benefits. The company also offers end user options like the ability to adjust throttle sensitivity, raise rev limits, and calibrate your speedometer for different tire sizes.

diablosport hellcat tuner

Tuning is available across our Trinity 2 Platinum and inTune 3 Platinum product lines. DiabloSport offers both PCM swap and PKIT (PCM + tuner together) options. Whether you prefer a handheld tuner or an on dash monitor, they have a solution for you. Both the i3 and T2 tuners allow for Wi-Fi updates, and support multiple licenses for tuning additional vehicles. All 2020 and 2021 Hellcat/Trackhawk models require an unlocked PCM from DiabloSport as well as a gateway bypass harness or module (included with the kits).


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ABOUT DiabloSport®

DiabloSport’s focus is to create products that allow you to take control of your vehicle like never before. In the old days, if you wanted to tweak your vehicle’s timing you needed some tools and you went straight for the distributor, but today computer systems that do the work without user input. That is where we come in- our tuning devices give users access to performance parameters, allowing you to tune them on your own, or program them with one of our dyno tested performance tunes that we have spent hundreds of hours developing.