BBi Leads a Triple-Porsche Race Effort at the 2021 Pikes Peak Hillclimb

Peak Performance

BBi Autosport returns for the 6th time to take on the Pikes Peak mountain in the 99th running of America’s second oldest race, the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, June 27, 2021 – regarded as one of the most famous and arduous racing events in the Rockies and the world. For this year’s 2021 effort, BBi returns to ‘the Mountain” with three Porsche race cars and BBI’s impressive and updated aerodynamics to three classes: Open Class, Time Attack 1 and The Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy class by Yokohama.

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“We have learned so much competing at the PPIHC from our past experiences and to apply those learnings on three different Porsche platforms takes it all to a new level” says Betim Berisha, Owner of BBi Autosport. “This event is extremely special to us as we are able to incorporate our full range of know-how while fullfilling our passion for racing. The Porsches and the team go through some of the toughest environments and conditions imaginable” Betim continues, “we take this home and apply it to our everyday operation, our development and products for fellow enthusiasts.”

The BBI Team

“Lucy”, the OPTIMA Batteries Porsche GT3 “TurboCup” which set the TA1 record in 2019 is back again, this time in the Open Class and is once again being piloted by French rally car driver, Raphael Astier. BBI has improved the OPTIMA “Turbocup” from the 2019 configuration to remain competitive in the new class.

David Donohue returns for another attempt in “Sunny” the Audrain Motorsport GT2 RS Clubsport after an incomplete run in 2020. Learnings from the 2020 effort have allowed BBI’s team to improve speed and bring more advanced technology to the updated 2021 BBiEVO variant of the GT2 RS Clubsport. The Audrain Motorsport GT2 RS once again runs in the highly competitive Time Attack 1 class.

Finally, Tanner Foust will be piloting the OPTIMA Yokohama Porsche GT4 Clubsport in the Porsche Trophy Class by Yokohama. Tanner, a 4-time competitor, is no stranger to the mountain, racing on it in prior years before the course was fully paved. BBi has partnered with Porsche Motorsport North America to support Tanner.

This year BBi has key technical partners that bring forward technological advancements and help us achieve the performance needed.

All three cars are supported by Yokohama and are equipped with the ADVAN A005™ slicks on the TurboCup and GT2 RS CS and A052® tires on the GT4. BBi will be the first to demonstrate the new proactive damper technology from Suspension Research Innovations and JRZ, outfitting all three race cars with the new dampers. Airtech, industry leader in composites manufacturing, is supporting BBi with 3D printed molds for carbon fiber components and supplying the brand new NEXX carbon fiber material. Aerosim-Research along with Verus Engineering have been key in finding downforce and reducing drag though aerodynamic studies and part development. The team at Oilstain Lab has been leading the creative on livery development for all three race cars.


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