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Utilizing advanced aerospace manufacturing technology, the new Genesys II seat is the lightest fiberglass seat Impact Racing has ever produced. The technology, utilizing advanced negative displacement and technology, allows for greater consistency while eliminating unnecessary weight. The result is a seat that is 30% lighter than its predecessor, while maintaining superior tensile and compressive properties. The Genesys II also features integrated structural reinforcement panels in areas subjected to torsional stress to ensure strength under load. The Genesys II is compatible with all multi-point restraint systems Impact offers, and is FIA Homologated.

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Sized to meet the needs of most drivers, the Genesys II utilizes shoulder harness guides positioned to fit a wide range of drivers. Suitable for drivers with waist measurements up to 36 inches, the removable bolster padding can be removed for a semi-custom fit. The channels created by the removable cushions also allow for increased airflow. The seat cushion has also been revised, utilizing higher density foam for increased bottoming resistance and comfort. Deep bolstering and shoulder support provide comfort and containment. Upholstered with heavy-duty, tear-resistant fabric, the seat cover is fire resistant. Standardized side mounting locations make for easy retrofitting into cockpits already set up for side mounted seats.


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There are a handful of companies involved in motorsports safety, but what sets Impact apart is that it’s run by motorsports enthusiasts. Impact is more than just a business. it is the passion and calling for everyone from the manufacturing and shipping departments to the highest levels of management. We take pride in knowing that the products of the dedicated Impact staff play a part in returning our friends and fellow competitors home to their families after both the good and bad days at the track.