Chevrolet Performance: Ernie Miyamoto’s ’72 Super Beetle Build

Ernie Miyamoto’s build has got to be one of the most innovative setups ever. The car was designed after his Dad produced it as a third-party dare, and the result is something to behold. Goal one of the build was to wedge a big block Chevy into what appeared to be a stock frame, thereby allowing the car to appear to be stock.

After beefing up the under-frame, he chose to wedge a Chevrolet big-block ZZ572/620 crate engine into the redesigned frame, although the final setup was entirely contrary to the VW’s traditional rear-engine placement. Next, the block’s size required a rebuild of the car’s entire firewall and steering package to accommodate the Beetle’s now considerably larger engine compartment while still hiding the big dog engine under the Beetle’s sloping ‘hood’.

After all of that work was complete the driver’s compartment housed a space that used to be where the Super’s backseat was located. Finally, to ensure that Miyamoto Senior’s work could be easily seen, he added a hydraulic frame that allowed the entire body to be lifted at a rear clam-shell hinge point. This bit of innovation allowed clear access to everything under the body, while showcasing the car’s hidden power ‘secret’.

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